Welcome To Nvelup


Our goal is to look at the whole person and work to treat the causes and not just the symptoms of acute and chronic issues. Treatments are designed with the needs of the individual in mind. We address the underlying causes of illness.


We believe in the patient being an active participant in making their health care decisions. We choose to develop meaningful relationships with our patients to encourage and mentor.


We offer a number of adjunctive care options to assist our patients in taking control over their own lives and health. Perhaps it is nutritional counseling and accountability, stress management through yoga and medication or physical activity instructors based on individual needs. We are here for our patients.

Healthcare Reinvented

Through a solid, user friendly platform, NVelUp Telehealth works alongside patients and helps them achieve wellness and mental stability through a holistic or integrative lens. Following the patient’s lead and desires, we seek with them to bring to light issues or ailments that are preventing them from being present in their relationships, from fulfilling their responsibilities, and from being the best version of themselves.

Meanwhile, we endeavor to use the least amount of medication and employ other modalities to help achieve their goals. All this can be accessed from the comfort of their home, car, office or even if out of town, making it as easy as possible to get the help they seek.

Behavioral Health

When we are mentally healthy, we enjoy our life, environment, and the people in it. Just as physical fitness helps our bodies to stay strong, mental fitness helps us to achieve and sustain a state of good mental health.

We will provide customized compassionate care plans from medication management, talk therapy, and stress management to help you live your best life.